Mozart Charity Concert for People in Need

Similar to previous years, the Vienna-based organization "Panmusica Austria" will sponsor charity concerts for people in need, to be held at Palais Ferstel (Großer Ferstelsaal) and the Eroica Hall at Palais Lobkowitz where Beethoven premiered his Eroica Symphony dedicated to Prince Lobkowitz. Performing a Mozart Piano Concerto in Vienna is a unique experience, and thus the program will exclusively feature concertos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, accompanied by the Franz Schmidt Chamber Orchestra or the WienerKlassikQuintett. Musicians interested in taking part as soloists are kindly requested to contact our organization and provide appropriate recordings as evidence of their qualifications. The decision of admission and selection of the soloists is at the sole discretion of the president of Panmusica Austria.
It shall be explicitly mentioned that the soloists will be required to financially contribute to the expenses of the concert. Proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders Austria.


KV 382 D-major Konzertrondo
KV 386 A-major Konzertrondo
KV 271 E-flat Nr. 9
KV 414 A-major Rondo
KV 449 E-flat Chamber concerto No. 14
KV 453 G-major No. 17
KV 466 D-minor No. 20
KV 467 C-major No. 21
KV 482 E-flat No. 22
KV 488 A-major No. 22
KV 491 C-minor No. 24
KV 503 C-major No. 25
KV 595 B-glat No. 27
KV 622 C-major Concerto for clarinet
KV 313 G-major Concerto for flute
KV 314 D-major Concerto for flute
KV 299 C-major Concerto for flute and harp
KV 314 C-major Concerto for bassoon