piano competition18th Vienna International Piano Competition 2023



We regret to inform you that we had to cancle the piano competition and hope to see you next year 2024 in Vienna.



Festsaal, Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts
Seilerstätte 26, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Award ceremony with Prof. Chung Lee


The competition is open to all nationalities.

Age limits, as of August 1, 2023, for all divisions are imposed as follows:

Division A: 8-12 years

Division B: 13-17 years

Division C: at least 18 years


Application fee (free of charge)

Division A: Euro 110.00

Division B: Euro 120.00

Division C: Euro 130.00


Application deadline

1st July 2023. Applications must be received by this date to be considered.


Application procedure

  1.  Pianists whising to participate in the competition must fill out the application form.
    To view and print out the form, click here. (You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on you computer to be able to view the form. If your computer is not eqipped with this software, click here to download it for free.)

  2. Send the application fee by international bank wire transfer to the following address:
    Panmusica Austria
    Gumpendorfer Straße 56/5, 1060 Wien, Österreich
    Bank Austria
    IBAN: AT27 1200 0004 2701 5706
    (For reference, please indicate your name.)

  3. Send the application form plus proof of payment and proof of age to Panmusica Austria. Please allow two weeks to receive a confirmation letter / e-mail.
    We recommend applying by e-Mail with additional information attached.


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Application Repertoire

Competitors wishing to take lessons with adjudicators may request their e-mail addresses when applying and contact them directly.



Division C:

1st prize: 800.00 Euro and an award form the Mayor of Vienna

2nd prize: 400.00 Euro

3rd prize: 200.00 Euro

All finalists will receive an honorary Diploma.


Special Prizes

Schubert prize awarded for the best interpretation of a Schubert work, donated by Professor Chung Lee.



President: Chung Lee

Armando Ford, Christodoulos Georgiades, Salvador Neira



piano competition piano competition piano competition


Prize winners


Seventeenth edition, 2018

Category C
1. not awarded
2. Mayu Kotari (Japan)
3. Kozue Kawabata (Japan)

Sixteenth edition, 2017

Category C
1. Reina Nishioka (Japan)
2. not awarded
3. (tied) Eriko Muramoto (Japan), Kuan Han Wu (Taiwan)

Fifteenth edition, 2016

Category C
1. Emre Yavuz (Turkey)
2. not awarded
3. (tied) Chisato Fukumoto (Japan), Satomi Iwama (Japan)
Schubert Prize: Emre Yavuz (Turkey)

Fourteenth edition, 2015

Category A
1. Hitomi Tanaka (Japan)
2. Naru Matsui (Japan)
Classics Prize: Hitomi Tanaka (Japan)

Category B
1. (tied) Calin Corneliu Calfa (Romania), Stephanie Carmen Boateng (Hungary)
3. (tied) Kaneko Takafumi (Japan), Ivelina Krasteva (Bulgaria)
Classics Prize: Calin Corneliu Calfa (Romania)

Category C
1. not awarded
2. (tied) Hyemin Kim (Korea), Mari Kitamura (Japan)
Schubert Prize: Hyemin Kim (Korea)

Thirteenth edition, 2013

Category A
1. Benazir Parpiyeva (Kazakhstan)
2. Cristiana Dragos-Roman (Romania)
Classics Prize: Benazir Parpiyeva (Kazakhstan)

Category C
1. not awarded
2. Maxim Shatalkin (Russia)
3. Youngsil Kim (Korea)

Twelfth edition, 2012

Category A
1. Jingzi Huang (China)
2. Yoshitaka Shigematsu (Japan)
3. Nariman Amiraslanov (Azerbaijan)
Special award: Jingzi Huang (China)

Category B
1. Yidie Hua (China)
3. Misei Gushiken (Japan)

Category C
1. not awarded
2. Andrew Wright (Germany/U.S.A.)
3. (tied) Assel Ayapbergenova (Kazakhstan), Ksenia Dyachenko (Russia)
Schubert Prize: Akane Okazawa (Japan)

Eleventh edition, 2011

Category A
1. not awarded
2. (tied) Calin Cornelius Calfa (Romania), Elisabeth Hermelink (Germany)
Special award: Calin Cornelius Calfa (Romania)

Category B
1. not awarded
2. Yuka Shiroma (Japan)

Category C
1. Alexandra Anamaria Vaduva (Romania)
2. (tied) Noemie Cavallo (Switzerland), Shuhei Chiba (Japan)
Schubert Prize: Alexandra Anamaria Vaduva (Romania)

Tenth edition, 2010

Category A
1. Barbara Maria Hochbichler (Austria)
2. Nan Kang (China)
3. Naira Ghazaryan (Armenia)
Special award: Barbara Maria Hochbichler (Austria)

Category B
1. Krisztina Gyöpös (Slovakia)
2. Iulian Ochescu (Romania)
3. Konstantinos Karvellos (Cyprus)

Category C
1. Florian Mitrea (Romania)
2. Kyriacos Souroullas (Cyprus)

Ninth edition, 2009

Category A
1. Natalie Schwamová (Czech Republic)
2. Nejc Kamplet (Slovenia)
3. Zuzan Sabiková (Slovakia)
Special award: Nejc Kamplet (Slovenia)

Category C
1. not awarded
2. Takatoshi Mukai (Japan)
3. (tied) Maryana Brodska (Ukraine), Jinyoung Chae (Korea)
Schubert Prize: Jinyoung Chae (Korea)

Eighth edition, 2008

Category A
1. Nikolaus Géza Barnás (Austria)
2. Lucija Bašić (Croatia)
3. Taiga Kiyotaki (Japan)
Special award: Nikolaus Géza Barnás (Austria)

Category B
1. Alena Kohoutová (Czech Republic)
2. Lucie Likařová (Czech Republic)
3. Zoltán Varga Gergö (Hungary)

Category C
1. William Galton (Great Britain)
2. (tied) Rie Kawata (Japan), Eri Yamamoto (Japan)
Schubert Prize: Tsugumi Shirakura (Japan)

Seventh edition, 2007

Category A
1. (tied) Sakura Mitsukuri (Japan), Constantin Knoll (Germany)
2. Mihai-Vlad Coman (Romania)
Special award: Sakura Mitsukuri (Japan)

Category B
2. Mei Abe (Japan)
3. (tied) Hsin-yu Duan (Taiwan), Eleni Eracleous (Cyprus)

Category C
1. Jun-Seok Seo (Korea)
2. Kyoko Asaka (Japan)
3. (tied) Thomas Egler (Germany), Kilian Sprau (Germany)
Special award: István Árközi (Hungary)
Schubert Prize: Takatoshi Mukai (Japan)

Sixth edition, 2006

Category A
1. Mengqi Wang (China)
3. Anne Zhang (Austria)

Category B
1. Xing Zhang (China)
2. Lina Jin (China)
3. Yerim Jung (Korea)
Mozart Prize: Yerim Jung (Korea)

Category C
1. Tamar Zhvania (Georgia)
2. Sou Kondo (Japan)
3. Hiromi Ikei (Japan)
Schubert Prize: Sou Kondo (Japan)

Fifth edition, 2005

Category A
1. Nicole Henter (Hungary)
2. Shoko Sato (Japan)

Category B
1. (tied) Kyung Lee (Korea), Manuela Simunovic (Croatia)
3. (tied) Kornraset Narkmun (Thailand), Rose Yang (Taiwan)

Category C
1. Wen Xia (China)
2. Ji-Eun Park (Korea)
3. (tied) Yuka Ishikawa (Japan), Kaori Tanaka (Japan), Kanako Yamamoto (Japan)
Honorary Prize by the Mayor of the City of Vienna: Wen Xia (China)
Schubert Prize: Yuka Ishikawa (Japan)

Fourth edition, 2004

Junior Competition A
1. Shino Moroto (Japan)
2. Zita Nauratyill (Hungary)
3. Florian Kugi (Austria)

Senior Competition
1. Soo-Jin Cha (Korea)
2. Yi-Chih Lu (Taiwan)
3. Bo-Kyung Kim (Korea)
Honorary Prize by the Mayor of the City of Vienna: Soo-Jin Cha (Korea)
Schubert Prize: Hye-Lim An (Korea)

Third edition, 2003

Junior Competition B
1. Yuka Kitai (Japan)
2. Yamato Komatsu (Japan)
3. (tied) Nicole Henter (Hungary), Daniel Lebhard (Hungary), Lucija Mastrovic (Croatia)

Junior Competition C
1. Daniel Csáfalvay (Hungary)

Senior Competition
1. Michiko Shimizu (Japan)
2. (tied) Ji-Young Kang (Korea), Risa Yasuda (Japan)
3. Hyo-Jin Chung (Korea)
Brahms Prize: Shihoko Aihara (Japan)

Second edition, 2002

Junior Competition A
1. Aljoša Jurinic (Croatia)
2. Minami Kasuga (Japan)
3. Yukika Nishida (Japan)

Junior Competition B
1. Judit Kádár (Hungary)
2. Dorothea Prodan (Hungary)

Senior Competition
1. Ayako Eto (Japan)
2. Yun-Jeong Cho (Korea)
3. Tayuko Nakao (Japan)
Schubert Prize: Yeong-Hee Park (Korea)

First edition, 2001

Junior Competition A
1. Hemma Tuppy (Austria)
2. Mugi Wakui (Japan)
3. (tied) Yukika Nishida (Japan), Ruriko Semba (Japan)

Junior Competition B
1. So-Jin Kim (Korea)
2. Miloš Popovic (Serbia)

Senior Competition
1. Kuniko Yamamoto (Japan)
2. Komaki Takahashi (Japan)
3. Hiroyo Masumura (Japan)